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B.A. in English and Political Science, UC Berkeley


Geometry/Algebra 2

In this course, we’ll cover high school geometry topics (congruent, similar, and right triangles, quadrilaterals, geometric inequalities, circles and angles, three-dimensional geometry and curved surfaces). The course will also include some algebra functions.

The American Century

Why is the twentieth century considered to be the “American Century?” Through literature and history, we’ll learn about the events, people and movements that transformed America into a superpower and consider the far-ranging impact of its cultural, economic, and geopolitical power.

American Novels: Near and Far

This course will focus on exploring identity and culture through literature. We’ll explore varied experiences of American life in different parts of the country and across time. This course will also include the study and practice of close reading skills and critical thinking with novels, non-fiction, and graphic novels.


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