The Future of K-12: Free Live-stream Education

September 14, 2020

Hello, Medium! We are Dexter, a radically accessible private school with a focus on STEM and the Arts for children ages 10+. Students attend classes fully-online, but we have a campus in Wichita Falls that provides local students regular access to special equipment and mentors.

COVID-19 affected everyone in different ways. Having been an in-person K-12 private school pre-COVID, we knew we had two options: we could either settle for school closures or adapt and provide our students with the best at-home learning experience on the planet. COVID-19 closed our doors, so we opened a new one.

Thus, was born. is a live-streaming platform for kids that teaches all the courses we previously offered in our in-person school. We essentially shifted our school to be completely online, and we did it all within weeks. The best part? is 100% free.

Our goal for Dexter has always been for it to remove boundaries. Initially, we started as a private school that removed financial constraints and offered an affordable, high-quality education for kids who wanted to push their learning beyond what is typically taught in the classroom. With, we are removing the geographic constraint as well. We believe that every child should be able to receive a high-quality education, regardless of the neighborhood, state, and even country that they live in.

Dexter classes differ from normal classes in that they take kids deeper into the subject matter and allow them to take classes that they wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to take until higher education. Some of the classes we currently offer in our summer term include STEM Coding, Cold War Literature, Future Studies, Robotics, and more. We also offer more traditional classes such as Shakespeare, SAT Writing, Algebra, Biology, and more in a fun, engaging manner that allows students to actively participate and enjoy attending class.

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Students who sign-up for a free Dexter account are able to:

  • Access an unlimited number of live-streams
  • Interact with teachers and peers in a live chat-box during classes

Students who choose to enroll in the home school pro plan, in addition to live-streams and teacher/peer interaction:

  • Graded tasks
  • Instructor office hours
  • 24/7 messaging with learning coaches
  • Course credit
  • Access to discussion boards

We know that online environments can often get out-of-hand. To ensure that remains safe and appropriate, all of our live-stream chats are monitored by Dexter moderators. Parents are also welcome to drop in a stream and receive full transparency into the material their child is learning.

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Although it feels like has been a part of Dexter from the beginning, it has only been live for a few months. Luckily, time has never felt like a limiting factor to us. Last month, we had close to 10,000 students from around the world tune in to our live-streams.

They came from all over the world and covered all six inhabited continents, with students from the US, Germany, Russia, China, New Zealand, South Africa, and more! This is only a taste of what Dexter aims to accomplish. We won’t stop fighting to make education accessible until everyone has the opportunity to receive free education on our platform. Ultimately, our goal is to multiply the 10,000 students we had last month infinitely.

There are many problems in the world that need solving, and we know that we can’t solve them all. What we can do, however, is foster the learning and education of as many talented, curious children as possible, and equip them with all the resources they need to change the world.

Here at Dexter, we are creating the next generation of artists, engineers, and scientists that the world needs.

Drop in on one of our live-streams at to learn something new or head to for more information about Dexter. See you soon!

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