Dexter 2021

The following is an internal document shared with our staff. It's our 50,000 ft. view of 2021.

Core Focus: Student Success and Parent Experience

Student success and parent experience is our number one priority. Do our students feel supported and a part of the Dexter community? Are our students increasing their intelligence and reaching their academic potential? Are parents in the loop and confident in the education their child is receiving? A maniacal focus on student success and parental experience is our guiding principle. System improvements over short term patches.

2021 Goals: AAA


Throughout the past year we've made significant improvements as a result of the accreditation process. Completing the final steps towards accreditation in 2021 will continue to help us improve and be central to our ability to scale. Core areas of focus for completing accreditation are curriculum alignment, professional developmental, and organizational effectiveness.


All students benefit from a growing Dexter community. Our admissions goal is to reach 500 full-time students by the end of 2021.

Additional Campuses

Physical spaces are central to our core mission. They serve as magical spaces for student growth and community building. Our facilities goal for 2021 is to reach full capacity at our WF campus and to open two new micro-campuses in DFW and ATX.

Our Organizational Lens

Our core focus and goals must inform us at all levels of our organization. 'Does this improve student success or parent experience?' must always be top of mind. We've built a full stack school system with many moving parts, but this simple focus will help us keep our true north. Never before in American history has the opportunity for educational mega-change been more possible - let's seize the opportunity and positively transform the lives of our students in the process. 2021, here we come.

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Dexter Raises $1.4 Million to Build the School of the Future

We're thrilled to announce that we've closed a $1.4 million seed round led by LAUNCH, NewFund, BluePoint VC, and angel investors across the country. This funding will allow us to supercharge our mission to make the world more intelligent and to build an education system that empowers K-12 students with powerful ideas in engineering, science, art, humanities, and entrepreneurship. Dexter bundles live instruction, a core knowledge curriculum, hands-on tasks, and physical spaces in a way that's radically accessible both financially and geographically. We are the Model T of private education.


A New School System

Dexter was founded in 2017 by a group of scientists, engineers, and educators who wanted to make a more intelligent world. intelligence (noun): the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The future of this planet ultimately comes down to our collective intelligence. It's get smart, or die.


Design A Moon Base Online Contest

Dexter’s online maker contest is officially underway! The prompt for this year’s maker contest is…drumroll please…design a moon base!