Design A Moon Base Online Contest

Dexter’s online maker contest is officially underway! The prompt for this year’s maker contest is…drumroll please…design a moon base!

Students will have just over a month to design a moon base that sustains human life for a settlement of at least 50 people. They can design this base using any means necessary — coding, art, writing, and more.

All students ages 16 and under are welcome to participate in this contest. Teams are permitted, but there is a maximum limit of three people per team.

Here is a document outlining the full rules of the contest:

You can also view a recording of Dr. Tanya Harrison’s talk on the moon from our Dexter launch event: (skip ahead to 6:00)

As well as the slides she used during the stream:

Students can submit their moon base here when they’re finished:

Here are additional resources to help with ideating and designing your moon base:

- Interesting facts about the moon
- Lunar mining (ft. Dr. Kirby Runyon, a planetary geologist working on the technology to extract elements from the Moon with NASA)
- Exploring the moon's surface in VR
- Moon writing
- Moon math
- Moon base and mad libs
- The space gal

Please reach out to with any questions about the contest. Good luck!

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