Unlimited Edutainment.

Real-time, live instruction with the world's best teachers for just $8.99 per month. Membership includes unlimited live instruction, on-demand stream library, and social board.

Live-streams take place Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm CT. Topics include computer programming, Shakespeare, Hands-on chemistry, mathematics, and more!

Our Streamers

Live instruction from the best educators on the planet.

Athena Brensberger

Astrophysics, City University of New York

Carson Ford

B.S. Exercise Physiology, Midwestern State University

Dawn Irvine

BFA, The California College of Arts and Crafts

Dr. Brian Lane

Ph.D. Physics, University of Florida

Dr. Chris Orban

Ph.D. Physics, Ohio State University

Dr. Julia Shaw

Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Masters in Psychology and Law, Maastricht University

Dr. Sian Proctor

Ph.D. in Science Education and M.S. in Geology, Arizona State University

Elizabeth Berg

M.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College, a B.A. from Whitman College, and a Massachusetts teaching license in Theatre and English (grades K-12)

Jenny Ballif

Bachelor's in Crop Science and minor in Chemistry, Master's in Plant Science, Utah State University

Kennen Hutchison

Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, Northwestern University (pursuing), B.S. Microbiology, Western Illinois University

Lorena Asensio

Bachelor of Plastic Arts, studied at Santa Clara University in California

Maynard Okereke

Civil Engineering, University of Washington

Sunil Singh

Math, University of Toronto, B.Ed, Author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics and Co-Author of Math Recess: Playful Learning for an Age of Digital Disruption

The Science Kids

Science Communicators

A Day with Dexter — A Parent’s Perspective

What's it like to be a Dexter parent?

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News and Updates

Useful learning resources, news, and updates.

Dexter Raises $1.4 Million to Build the School of the Future

We're thrilled to announce that we've closed a $1.4 million seed round led by LAUNCH, NewFund, BluePoint VC, and angel investors across the country. This funding will allow us to supercharge our mission to make the world more intelligent and to build an education system that empowers K-12 students with powerful ideas in engineering, science, art, humanities, and entrepreneurship. Dexter bundles live instruction, a core knowledge curriculum, hands-on tasks, and physical spaces in a way that's radically accessible both financially and geographically. We are the Model T of private education.


Dexter 2021

The following is an internal document shared with our staff. It's our 50,000 ft. view of 2021.


A New School System

Dexter was founded in 2017 by a group of scientists, engineers, and educators who wanted to make a more intelligent world. intelligence (noun): the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The future of this planet ultimately comes down to our collective intelligence. It's get smart, or die.