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Spring 2021 Course Catalog

Let's Code Physics

In this course, we will study the universe with computer-coded simulations and learn how one simple method can help us simulate constant-velocity motion, projectile motion, solids and gases, and planetary motion around the sun. Streams will focus on developing and walking through sample codes that students can freely access, edit, and run on the Web (with no downloading or installation required). we will also take some time to review example codes from students and explore their unique developments to the starter code.

Physics Foundations

This course will cover principles of mechanical physics and electromagnetism. Students will engage with the material through project-based learning and inquiry, developing the basic analytic, experimental, and mathematical skills necessary for meaningful engagement with the sciences. The material will overlap with concurrent mathematical studies in order to reinforce not only skill acquisition, but more importantly, the interconnectedness and relevance of each discipline; it will likewise allow for interdisciplinary explorations of conceptual material through the lenses of literature and history.

Geometry/Algebra 2

In this course, we’ll cover high school geometry topics (congruent, similar, and right triangles, quadrilaterals, geometric inequalities, circles and angles, three-dimensional geometry and curved surfaces). The course will also include some algebra functions.

SciFi Novels

This class will focus on the work of great 20th century science-fiction writers through the lens of social critique. Novels will include Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell’s 1984. Students will engage in guided and careful readings, using critical analysis to understand how writers have used the science-fiction genre to offer substantial critiques of social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of modern society.

Shakespeare's Major Plays

This class will continue the summer Macbeth course with guided and careful readings of Shakespeare’s major plays. Students will read Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Othello. Along the way, they will memorize passages, act out scenes, build vocabulary, watch performances, learn how to write analytical papers, and generally become immersed in the depths of language and meaning that Shakespeare’s plays offer.

Algebra: A Hero's Journey

In this course, students will get a rich and thorough exploration of algebra and modeling with a variety of problems, ideas, and adventures! Prerequisite knowledge like functions, exponents, and logarithms, will be taught in the first week of the course, and emphasized throughout the course. A strong interest and curiosity for mathematics are the only things students should bring with them, and the notion that they will be challenged with some complex ideas.

The American Century

Why is the twentieth century considered to be the “American Century?” Through literature and history, we’ll learn about the events, people and movements that transformed America into a superpower and consider the far-ranging impact of its cultural, economic, and geopolitical power.

Creative Writing

We’ll work on creating and refining brief, but spectacular writing pieces with the goal of creating a 1000-word entry for the Bluefire Writing Contest, a Grade 6-12 national writing contest.


This course will cover pre-algebra topics and explore mathematical ideas that can be found at MoMath (the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City).

History of the World in 100 Objects

This social studies course will cover the historical, cultural, geographic, and socio-economic importance of objects across civilizations and time. This course is inspired by the British Museum’s project of the same name.

Mighty Microbes

Learn about the fascinating world of microbes, which includes viruses, with Kennen Hutchinson, a Ph.D. Student in Neuroinvasive Virology at Northwestern University.

American Novels: Near and Far

This course will focus on exploring identity and culture through literature. We’ll explore varied experiences of American life in different parts of the country and across time. This course will also include the study and practice of close reading skills and critical thinking with novels, non-fiction, and graphic novels.

Chemistry with Science Mom

Join Science Mom and explore some of the fundamentals of Chemistry with fun at-home experiments!

Young American Readers

This class will involve guided and careful readings of books for young readers, acting as a book club that encourages fun reading while building up literary and verbal abilities. Students will study aspects of fiction, build vocabulary, discuss themes, build-up capabilities of comprehension, and engage in personal and creative approaches to expressing their understanding of fiction.

Cosmic City

Discover the connections that exist between space and everyday life with Cosmic City! Students will go on virtual adventures around the streets of New York City to learn about these connections, and even to some iconic cosmic locations within the city.

Go West

This social studies course will focus on the westward expansion of the United States. How did the country expand from 13 colonies into 50 states? We’ll learn about Manifest Destiny, geography, cultural and regional differences and develop map-reading and non-fiction reading skills.

Young Writers

Why does language matter? Let’s work on improving our vocabulary, spelling and sentence structures as we write personal narratives and opinions, arguments, and explore creative writing prompts.

Math Recess

In this course, students will explore a variety of rich mathematical activities, explorations, and excursions in a way that honors and promotes the healthiest and most valuable ideas about play--to be in the moment, have lots of fun, take risks, stumble, get back up, and laugh! Mathematical thinking is deeply rooted in play, and this course is a great way for students to understand and participate in that.

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