The School of the Future.

Every child is entitled to a high-quality education, regardless of financial or geographic constraints. Dexter is revolutionary new school on a mission to radically expand access to a transformative K-12 education.

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Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.
- Archimedes

Empowering the Builder Generation

Dexter’s mission is to develop students with core foundational knowledge in the humanities and STEM  and the creative confidence to become compassionate scientists, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs who will help to advance human knowledge and engage with the most challenging problems of the future.

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World-Class Instructors

Your child will learn and interact directly with world famous educators through our interactive online live instruction system. 

Mind Blowing Courses

From Mighty Microbes to Shakespeare, students take transformative courses centered around powerful ideas.

Global Community

Dexter students are a part of a global community of builders that connect online and on campus.

One-on-One Mentorship

Dedicated learning coaches hold your child accountable and inspire them to reach their full potential.

What if every child had access to the world's best teachers?

We've open sourced our live instruction to humanity. From computer programming to astronomy, children from around the world now have access to the best educators on the planet right from home.

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What to Expect

1. Core Knowledge

Surprisingly, most schools are anti-knowledge. In the age of Google, they question the utility of content and instead focus on more progressive attitudes towards teaching 'critical thinking'. This well-meaning approach is contrary to cognitive neuroscience and results in compounding academic gaps. Content knowledge is the foundation upon which critical thinking takes place and takes a central role throughout our curriculum.

2. Active Learning

As a student develops  core knowledge across the disciplines they're encouraged to utilize and manifest their understanding through active learning projects. Learning at Dexter does not simply consist of staring at a screen all day, but instead orbits around building, coding, writing, drawing, sculpting, performing, designing, organizing, singing, and creating tangible artifacts. This project based approach takes place within a core knowledge framework that ensures  students aren't just having fun, but also developing themselves academically.

3. Emotional and Social Growth

An uncomfortable fact rarely discussed within the context of schooling is that teen suicide rates are at an all time high. We make intentional efforts to embed emotional and social development in both our curriculum and school culture. In one dimension, we embed the learning experience with meaning and purpose. In a other dimension, we help students learn to navigate conflict, interact with others in healthy ways, and to develop themselves as an healthy individual.

4. Challenge and High Expectations

At Dexter we believe that our collective future hinges on the actions and development of each individual on the planet. As such, we've created a culture of high expectations for both our students and their guardians. Dexter is not a school for students to check boxes and coast - it's a school designed for challenge and transformation. Our learning coaches seek to find each students learning edge and help them continuously transcend it.

Join a Dexter Campus

Dexter is a fully digital learning experience with remote students around the world. We're supporting this growing online network of students with a physical network of high tech community learning spaces. Our campuses provide students access to equipment like 3d printers, in-person mentoring, and a safe social environment to connect with peers. A monthly campus pass grants access to every campus in the network.

Dexter WF

2201 Speedway Ave., Wichita Falls, TX, 76308
(940) 234-3398

Dexter DFW

Coming Late 2021

Dexter ATX

Coming Late 2021

Artemis 1 Experiential Learning Lab

Coming Late 2021

News and Updates

Useful learning resources, news, and updates.

Dexter Online Maker Contest

With the onset of COVID-19, students all over the world now have decreased access and opportunities to participate in exciting educational events. In response to this, we decided to create our very own online maker contest! This contest will be open to students all around the world who are under the age of 16. Join our launch event on 9/26 at 11am CT on to learn about the contest prompt!


A Day with Dexter — A Parent’s Perspective

Curious to learn more about what Dexter is like from a parent's perspective? In this article, Dexter mom Jen Bradley dives into why she decided to enroll her child at Dexter and walks through what the day-to-day of a Dexter education looks like.


The Future of K-12: Free Live-stream Education

We are Dexter, a radically accessible private school with a focus on STEM and the Arts for children ages 10+.